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1. Who can be authorized for providing real estate services in Croatia ?

Authorized provider of real estate services can be an Real Estate agency, single dealer, or artisan registered with headquarter in Croatia, or in state a participiant of European Area Contract.

2.Who is Principal ?

Principal is company or individual which makes a  Brokery Contract with real estate provider.

3.Who is third party ?

Third party represents subject, contacted by real estate agent in order to make a negotiation for business on Principal's property.

4. Obligated terms for real estate provider

Real estate provider must fullfill  all terms defined  by the law, which will make him a listed member in Croatian Chamber of Economy.

 5.Real estate agent

Real estate agent is a person qualified for professional activity in real estate industry and listed in agent' s diary by Croatian Chamber of Economy.

All real state providers are obligated to recruit adlest one of their employees as a real estate agent.

6. Brokery Contract

Brokery contract is a legal act between real estate provider and Principal, it closely describes efforts which real estate agent make in order to make a business on Principal's property, and also amount of the comission fee and other relations between parties.

It is strictly made in a written form and it must contain informations about provider and Principal, commision fee,  informations about contracted property, and other addtional charges in which provider is faced.

7. Commission fee

Percentage and amount of the commision fee is freely negotiable and written in a Brokery Contract. Ussually, the provider gets his award when the contracted job is fulfill, or exceptionally if it is mentioned in Contract when Pre – Contract is signed.

All action from real estate provider which implicates double charge or commission fee is deeply unethical and against the law. Brokery contract defines amount and percentage of commission fee and all other business details and relations between real estate provider and Principal. Principal is obligated to pay defined award to agent, and third party 's obligations are defined by legal aspects of property contract.                                                                                     


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